My 2017 Votes


Reinsurance – I voted no. This bill used taxpayer dollars to buy down insurance premiums in an effort to hide how bad the ACA is and the damage it is causing.  While this may not be socialized medicine in it’s purest form, it is government paid health care; just hidden well.

I voted against the Education Bill because it had zero reforms to the funding formula and maintained conformity to all unconstitutional federal mandates.  All while student performance continues to fall.

I voted against the Health and Human Services Bill because there was nothing that would end MnSure (State exchange).  Nothing that would extract the state from the ACA.  The Health Care Access fund (emergency funds) was drained.  Some of the Health Care Access funds showed up in the higher Ed bill, Transportation bill and other hidden places.

I Voted against the Bonding Bill.  Borrowing money when the State has overtaxed the citizenry by $1.65 Billion dollars is ludicrous.  This is the time to pay off debt, not add.  With the passage of this years bonding bill, State borrowing capacity is at 90%.  Where is the long-term planning?  What do we do if Minnesota has a “Hurricane Katrina” level event or another “Great Recession”?

I voted against the Legacy Bill.  This bill contained more wasteful spending than justified spending.

I voted against the Legislative-Citizens Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) bill as this is was also wrought with waste.

Voted against Real ID.


I voted for the Tax Bill.  $650 million in tax relief.  Not nearly enough and spread so thin that most people won’t notice any reduction in their taxes.

Voted for the Jobs, Growth, and Energy Bill.  Reformed the Renewable Development Fund which should save Excel ratepayers $650 Million over the next 10 years.  Combined and cut the funding to all of the niche welfare programs.