The Met Council

Every election cycle voters are treated to red meat about reforming or abolishing the Metropolitan Council. The next time voters hear anything about the Met Council is in the newspaper in reference to another power grab via regulation. Nothing could be farther from ‘self-governing’ or ‘republican’ governance than a group of 17 appointed by 1 dictating transportation, zoning, water usage, parks, and myriad other things.

The Met Council needs to return to its original charter – sewer and water in the 7 metro counties. Instead of the governor appointing 17 members to the board, each of the counties involved would have two members appointed by the county board with one person appointed by the governor to act only in case of a tie vote. This new and revised Council would be run and paid for by the counties involved. Oversight and funding coming from elected officials.

The other responsibilities now being assumed by the Met Council would be divided as follows:

  • Parks will be given to the smallest government unit that each park is wholly contained
  • Housing assistance will revert to HHS
  • Transportation will revert to MNDOT

The Housing and Transportation portions of the Met Council can be placed back under legislative oversight without any changes to ground operations